Saturday, 2 May 2020


People often say that " things just happen to them". They seem mystified, don't know what is going on. They ask, " what does this mean?" 

Please get this! Things don't just happen. 
I believe God has a plan for every one of us. 
I believe that in every ordinary day with its routine and repetition , there is a God who constantly seeks you. 

One day you will be going through your day, and something will happen.  Life changes. Something is different. It is in these moments that God uses to get our attention.

No, God doesn't yell at us from heaven. He uses his book, the Bible. He uses his people, and he will use events in our lives.
God is saying, " listen up, pay attention, answer my call, and I will use you. 

All it takes is a quiet spirit and a listening heart. Try it, you might be surprised. 
                                               Prairie Sunset near Dauphin, Manitoba

                                                                   Day Lily

Tuesday, 28 April 2020



We are all attracted to image. Millions spend endless effort and endless dollars on developing and polishing their image. Image gets our attention, and we are drawn to it like a magnet. We choose our role models, our heroes based on image. No matter whether there is any substance or integrity  in their lives. 

So why are we attracted to the image makers, the beautiful people, the brilliant people, the stars of the entertainment world? 
We get so enamored with the surface stuff, which is a mile wide and millimetre deep.  The superficial impresses  us more than we like to admit. 
Maybe because we don't have to think much about it. It just gets our attention and we think we like it. No real thought given to where embracing the image will take us. 

God has another message for us. He says, " That's not the way I make choices, I choose the nobodies and turn them into somebodies."


I remember the words of a wise woman who used to say often, " the hurrieder I go the behind-er I get." 

Someone else said that a hurry-up culture results in a throw away culture. Those things that we should hold dear and assign value are often sacrificed on the altar of the temporary and the superficial. 

Relationships define who we are. Without them we are nothing. We cannot view relationships in a casual manner, taking them for granted, failing to nurture and support them. There is a word for it. CAVALIER!   More and more I see us moving towards a cavalier culture. 
Instead of working on relationships, we walk away from them when they don't meet our needs. 
Partnerships dissolve instead of solve. Aged are resented, not honored. Husbands and wives divorce rather than persevere. Children are cast aside rather than nurtured. 

During this lock-down with the pandemic, maybe it is time to take a serious look at our throw away culture. 

Queues!  Cues! 
The inexorable march of time! A line from Charles Dickens , Christmas Carol, " time and tide waits for no one" seems appropriate here as I return from a lengthy period since my last blog post. Other matters, and they are offered without excuse, or escape, have been queued up in my life, and attending to my blog site wasn't in the queue. 
A dear friend and I were talking about the writing craft, and since a couple of my books  have been published in the past few years,  there emerge  a " cue" for me.  Time to get back to this. Put something out there for reading consumption. So, hopefully the queue will get much shorter and I can get to the front of the task of offering you something of substance to land in your brain box, and maybe stir up some creative flow. 

Certainly in the midst of this current pandemic shutdown, a re-evaluation of our priorities has jumped to the front of the  queue. Family togetherness has been both triumphal and tragic.  Consider the novelty of getting to know each other, spending time listening to our children. Engaging in connecting activities.  That may not be the serendipity for all since we have also witnessed an emergence of family violence.  Spousal and child abuse. A true testing of our deficiencies when it comes to enjoying and nurturing healthy relationship. The pandemic of busyness , has left us  too long in a singular  entrenchment of  being busy 24/7 breathlessly pounding forth with little regard that there are other humans longing for our consistent attention. 

So, in my postings which lie ahead of you there will be some messages, by necessity, rather short yet pithy. As one writer recently remarked when it comes to reading anything but short texts, and one or two paragraphs,  we have the attention span of a  chihuahua  in a thunderstorm.

I will also enhance your attention span with a few of my favorite photographs. Over the years I have probably spent more time behind a camera lens, than behind a keyboard. 
Here we go!